1. Childhood and Youth

128. Childhood and Temporality Fri 1:45
143. Author Meets Critic: Next Generation Memory and Ukrainian Canadian Children's Historical Fiction (2023), by Mateusz Swietlicki Fri 3:45
176. Author Meets Critic: Lessons in Legitimacy by Sean Carleton Sat 10:00
193. Children on the Move Sat 1:15
207. Author Meets Critic: Oz and the Musical by Ryan Bunch Sat 3:15
220. Children as Readers and Consumers Sun 8:00
234. Young People and Social Belonging Sun 10:00
241. Boarding School Childhoods across Regimes of Repression: The United States, Canada, Spain, and Turkey Sun 10:00

2. Crime, Justice and the Law

177. Crime, Justice and the Law Sat 10:00
194. Legal Claims to Legitimacy, Expertise, and Truth Sat 1:15
221. State Violence and Illegal Markets Sun 8:00
235. Marking the 20th Year since Agozino's Counter-Colonial Criminology Sun 10:00

3. Culture

10. Constructing and Obstructing Community Thu 8:00
26. Sovereignty as a Cultural Project Thu 10:00
125. Cultures of Calculation and Resistance Fri 1:45
156. Figuring Global Politics Sat 8:00
163. Meaning Making and Cultural Significance Sat 8:00
175. Book Panel: The Global Rules of Art: The Emergence and Divisions of a Cultural World Economy by Larissa Buchholz Sat 10:00
180. New Directions in the Study of Alienation Sat 10:00
184. Author-Meets-Critics: Modernity's Corruption: Empire and Morality in the Making of British India, by Nicholas Hoover Wilson Sat 1:15
190. Book Session: The Handbook of the Sociology of Morality, Vol. 2, edited by Steven Hitlin, Shai M. Dromi, and Aliza Luft Sat 1:15
205. Performance and Emotions in Contemporary Turkish Politics Sat 3:15
243. Book Session: Moral Minefields: How Sociologists Debate Good Science, by Shai Dromi and Samuel D. Stabler Sun 10:00

4. Data Infrastructure

14. Measurement Issues in Historical Data Thu 8:00
30. History of Data and Statistics Thu 10:00
50. Methodological Innovations in Linking Thu 1:15
68. New Historical Data Infrastructure II Fri 8:00
94. New Linked Data Sources Fri 10:00
120. Round table: Big data and writing the history of the global south: The Case of the Cape of Good Hope Panel Fri 1:45
144. New Historical Data Infrastructure I Fri 3:45
185. Author Meets Critic: "Democracy's Data: The Hidden Stories in the U.S. Census and How to Read Them," by Dan Bouk Sat 1:15
236. The Changing Geography of the US Census: Official and Unofficial, from the 19th to the 21st Century Sun 10:00

5. Economics

1. American Association for Higher Education, Corporate & District of Columbia Reports Thu 8:00
18. Book Panel: Capital Shortage: Credit and Indian Economic Development, 1920-1960 Thu 10:00
48. Digitizing, Enriching, and Linking Patent Data (Part 1) Thu 1:15
53. Schools and Well-Being Thu 3:15
64. Digitizing, Enriching, and Linking Patent Data (Part 2) Thu 3:15
79. Economics of War Fri 8:00
80. Government and the Economy Fri 10:00
95. Women in Politics and the Labor Force Fri 10:00
116. Author Meets Critics: Discussion of Alexander J. Field’s book The Economic Consequences of U.S. Mobilization for the Second World War (Yale University Press, 2022) Fri 1:45
131. Constitutions and Representation Fri 1:45
133. Presidential Session: Household Wealth and Well-Being Fri 3:45
147. Inequality and Well-Being Sat 8:00
164. Book Session: Early American Paper Money Sat 10:00
181. Presidential Session: The Forms and Meanings of Early Modern Money Sat 1:15
197. The Consequences of Racial Differences Sat 3:15

6. Education, Knowledge and Science

9. Politics and Legitimation in Genomic Knowledge Production Thu 8:00
25. Social Studies of Economic Expertise Thu 10:00
42. Political Economy of Knowledge and Education: Political Process and Policy Outcomes (Part 1) Thu 1:15
58. Author Meets Critics: The Quest for Sexual Health by Steven Epstein Thu 3:15
73. External Pressures – Internal Strains. Trans-National Struggles over the Past and Future of Sociology Fri 8:00
88. Environment, Society and Social Theory: Critical Conversations in Historical Sociology Fri 10:00
124. Political Economy of Knowledge and Education: Political Process and Policy Outcomes (Part 2) Fri 1:45
140. Reflexivity, Ethics, and Translations in the History of Social Science Fri 3:45
155. Educational Institutions and Student Well-Being Sat 8:00
172. Making Reputations: Credentials, Metrics and Stratification in Organizational Fields Sat 10:00
179. Presidential Session: Roundtable: Teaching across Social Science History Sat 10:00
189. Learning Well: Pedagogy, Curriculum, and Contestation Sat 1:15
203. Envisioning Knowledge: Aesthetics, Science, and Publics Sat 3:15
204. Author Meets Critics: Foundations and American Political Science, by Emily Hauptmann Sat 3:15

7. Family Demography

7. Presidential Session: Women and Family Collaboration in the Pursuit of Wellbeing Thu 8:00
23. Household Structure and Kinship Networks Thu 10:00
40. Religion, Race, Policy and Socioeconomic status: Mortality in 19th and 20th century UK and US Thu 1:15
56. Approaches to Studying Migration in Historical US and Japan Thu 3:15
71. Marriage, Fertility and Divorce during the First and Second Demographic Transition; Insights from Europe Fri 8:00
86. Unveiling the Dynamics of Women's Lives: Property Rights, Education, and Work in the Transformation of Fertility Patterns Fri 10:00
122. Exploring Pathways to Progress: Social Mobility, Occupational Transitions, and Cultural Influences in Historical Contexts Fri 1:45
138. Long-Term Perspectives on Fertility and Its Consequences Fri 3:45
153. Methods and Mortality in Historical Demography Sat 8:00
170. The role of city structure, college access, immigration, and ethnic identity on life outcomes in the U.S. Sat 10:00
173. Cultural Factors in Demographic Behaviour Sat 10:00
202. War: What Is It Good for? Sat 3:15
218. Intergenerational and Intragenerational Social Mobility Using Historical Data Sun 8:00
233. The Historical Life Course Trends of the Pre-Modern Korean Elite Families in the Long Run: Lessons and Implication from Chinese and European Studies Sun 10:00

8. Health, Medicine and Body

11. Racialized Identity and Pain Thu 8:00
27. Oral Health and Hygiene Thu 10:00
44. Mental Health and Aging Thu 1:15
60. From Traditional to High-Tech Approaches to Health Thu 3:15
75. Health in Institutional Settings Fri 8:00
90. Public Health and Population Health Fri 10:00
126. Public Health and the American Welfare State Fri 1:45
141. Racism in Theory and Practice Fri 3:45
157. Political Economies of Medicalization: Race, Class, and Gender Sat 8:00
174. Death, Data, and Racialized Medical Violence Sat 10:00

9. Historical Geography and GIS

32. Presidential Session: Environmental Justice and Public Health Thu 10:00
46. Residential Geographies and Segregation: 19th Century Thu 1:15
52. Preserving History: Community Building, Deep Mapping, and Scholarly Engagement Thu 3:15
67. The Production of Spatial Exclusion Fri 8:00
162. Connecting Urban Dynamics: Owners, Tenants, Spatial Narratives, and Built Environment Sat 8:00
196. Rediscovering Histories: Land Ownership, Communities, and Freedom in Post-Emancipation America Sat 1:15
225. The Social and Economic Landscapes of New York City and Beyond Sun 8:00

10. Labor

13. Race, Class, and Labor Market Inequality Thu 8:00
29. Social Reproduction Politics and the Boundaries of Economic Rights Thu 10:00
77. Carework, Health, and Labor Fri 8:00
159. The Political Order Sat 8:00
208. Unions and the Fight for Labor Rights Sat 3:15
211. Work, Technology, and Wellbeing Sat 3:15
222. Professionalizing Labor Sun 8:00
237. Solidarity’s Saboteurs: Strikebreakers, Company Men and the Role of Conservative Factionalism in Workplace Conflict in the Midcentury U.S. Sun 10:00

11. Macrohistorical Dynamics

3. Capitalism, Neoliberalism, and the State in Southeast Asia Thu 8:00
4. Book Roundtable on the Cambridge World History of Genocide Thu 8:00
17. Power and Normativity in Society and History (1): Performativity and the State Thu 8:00
20. The Dynamics of Finance, Wealth, and Inequality in Macrohistorical Perspective Thu 10:00
33. Power and Normativity in Society and History (2): Arendt, Modernity, and the Human Sciences Thu 10:00
36. Land and Empire in North Africa Thu 1:15
49. Power and Normativity in Society and History (3): (Re)Organizing Racial States Thu 1:15
82. Passive Revolutions of the 20th Century Fri 10:00
96. Moishe Postone's "Time, Labor, and Social Domination" at 30 (1) Fri 10:00
118. Book Panel: Su, Yang. 2023. Deadly Decision in Beijing: Succession Politics, Protest Repression, and the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre. Cambridge University Press. Fri 1:45
119. Contingency, Networks, and Power in Long-wave Historical Development Fri 1:45
132. Moishe Postone's "Time, Labor, and Social Domination" at 30 (2) Fri 1:45
135. Indigeneity, History, and Historical Analysis Fri 3:45
146. Moishe Postone's "Time, Labor, and Social Domination" at 30 (3) Fri 3:45
149. Micro Evidence for Macrohistorical Dynamics: Elite Interactions and State-Society Relations in Chinese History Sat 8:00
150. Author Meets Critic: Moral Economies of Money: Politics and the Monetary Constitution of Society by Jakob Feinig Sat 8:00
166. Historical Capitalism, Crises, and Waves of Social Protest, 1851-2020: Findings from the Global Social Protest Database Sat 10:00
167. Advancing Theory and Method: Symbolic Boundaries, Cultural Fields, and the Meaning of Technology in Macrohistorical Research Sat 10:00
199. Elite Networks in East and West in the 19th and 20th Centuries Sat 3:15
214. Author Meets Critic: Public Interest and State Legitimation: Early Modern England, Japan, and China (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2023) by Wenkai He Sun 8:00
215. Political Economy, Ecology, and the Crises of Democracy Sun 8:00
229. Situating the (Post)Colony: Race, Drugs, Sovereignty, and Imaginaries of Ageing Sun 10:00
230. The Ideology and Governance of the Late Chinese Empire Sun 10:00

12. Migration/Immigration

2. Asian Americans Thu 8:00
19. Global Migrations Thu 10:00
34. Book Panel: Revolutions in Cuba and Venezuela: One Hope, Two Realities Thu 1:15
35. Labor Migrations in North America Thu 1:15
51. Migration Regimes: Bringing the Global South Back in to Correct Migration Myopias Thu 3:15
66. Surveillance States and the Rise of Barriers to the Freedom to Move: The Case of Italy and the US Fri 8:00
81. Exclusion and Inclusion Fri 10:00
134. Authors Meet Critics: The Refugee System by Rawan Arar and David FitzGerald Fri 3:45
148. Explaining Immigration and Alienage Federalism in the United States Sat 8:00
165. Refugees: Past and Present Sat 10:00
182. Social Mobilities Sat 1:15
198. Affects, Families, Trauma: Postwar Immigration and Migrant Well-Being Sat 3:15
213. Southeast Asia Sun 8:00
228. Migration Policy and American Political Development Sun 10:00

13. Politics

12. Politics and Partisanship Thu 8:00
28. Money, Politics, and the State Thu 10:00
43. Author Meets Critic: Agents of Reform: Child Labor and the Origins of the Welfare State by Elisabeth Anderson Thu 1:15
45. Social Movements and Political Power Thu 1:15
76. The State and Disaster Fri 8:00
91. New Developments in the Historical Sociology of Elite Political Action Fri 10:00
127. Narrative and Counter-Narratives of White Supremacist Violence in the Postbellum South Fri 1:45
142. Political Economy in China Fri 3:45
158. Protest and Reform Sat 8:00
192. Disrupting Revolution in Practice and Theory Sat 1:15
200. The Politics of Race, Sex, and Ethnicity Sat 3:15
242. Anti-Colonial Historical Sociologies of Decolonization Sun 10:00

14. Race and Ethnicity

8. Representations of Race: Visual Approaches to Histories of Inequality in America Thu 8:00
24. New Perspectives on Mob Violence in the South Thu 10:00
41. The Intersection of Health and Race in the United States Thu 1:15
57. Traversing the 'Global Color Line:' The Politics of Race and Caste in Search of Freedom Thu 3:15
72. Black Self-Determination: Histories of Practice and Vision Fri 8:00
87. Racial Capitalism & the Making of Class Fri 10:00
123. Racializing Political Power Fri 1:45
139. Building the Racial Nation Fri 3:45
154. Performance, Resistance, and Segregation: Race, Space, and Place Sat 8:00
171. Racism Across Asian and Asian American Communities Sat 10:00
188. Here, There, Everywhere: Blackness Across the Globe Sat 1:15

15. Religion

83. Author Meets Critics: Sacred Foundations: The Religious and Medieval Roots of the European State (Anna Grzymala-Busse) Fri 10:00
129. The Political as Missionary Fri 1:45
223. State-Religion Relations at the Border Sun 8:00
238. Performing Religious Nationalism Sun 10:00

16. Rural, Agricultural and Environmental

15. Rural, Agricultural, and Environmental Thu 8:00
37. Climate Change and labor Thu 1:15
78. Community impacts and economics Fri 8:00
206. Policymaking and rural municipalities Sat 3:15
210. Work in agrarian times and societies Sat 3:15

17. States and Society

5. The History and Politics of State Perception Thu 8:00
6. Religion, Power, and Culture in European History Thu 8:00
21. Author Meets Critics: The Punishment of Pirates: Interpretation and Institutional Order in the Early Modern British Empire (University of Chicago Press, 2022) by Matthew Norton Thu 10:00
22. Race and the Classificatory Power of the State Thu 10:00
38. Enforcing Boundaries of Belonging in the (Post)Colonial State Thu 1:15
39. Author Meets Critics: Popular Politics and the Path to Durable Democracy Thu 1:15
54. Author Meets Critics: Power for a Price by Lawrence Zhang Thu 3:15
55. Capitalism, Patriarchy, and the Multi-Layered State Thu 3:15
69. Poverty and Social Exclusion: From State Oppression to Poverty Alleviation? Fri 8:00
70. Strategic Infrastructural Power Fri 8:00
84. Author Meets Critics: Deserved--Economic Memories after the Fall of the Iron Curtain by Till Hilmar Fri 10:00
85. Institutionalizing the Agents of the State Fri 10:00
121. Author Meets Critics: Alexandre I.R. White, "Epidemic Orientalism: Race, Capital, and the Governance of Infectious Disease" Fri 1:45
136. Roundtable: After the Cold War Fri 3:45
137. State Power and Environmental Administration Fri 3:45
151. Powers of Class and Business Sat 8:00
152. Revolutionary Outcomes and Intellectual Commitments Sat 8:00
168. State Power and State Development: Bureaucracy and Political Violence Sat 10:00
169. Trauma and State Violence Sat 10:00
186. State-Capacity and Societal Cohesion between Church and State in Europe Sat 1:15
187. Author Meets Critics: Julian Go’s "Policing Empires Militarization, Race, and the Imperial Boomerang in Britain and the US Sat 1:15
201. The Encoding and Monitoring State Sat 3:15
216. Governing through Finance Sun 8:00
217. Changing Meanings of the State: Symbolic Power in State-Society Interactions Sun 8:00
231. Social Movements, Political Protest, and Advocacy Sun 10:00

18. Urban

209. Urban Displacement: Local Governance and Conflict Sat 3:15
219. Localized Governance: Eviction, Housing, and Advocacy Sun 8:00
232. Urban Infrastructure: Restrictions, Renewal, and Relief Sun 10:00

19. Women, Gender and Sexuality

31. The Power of Symbols. Challenging or Stabilizing the Social Order? Thu 10:00
47. Gender Roles Thu 1:15
63. Gender and the State Thu 3:15
92. New Directions in Theorizing Gender, Feminism and the State Fri 10:00
145. Author Meets Critics/Freedom's Furies: How Isabel Paterson, Rose Wilder Lane, and Ayn Rand Found Liberty in an Age of Darkness by Timothy Sandefur Fri 3:45
161. Women, Gender and Sexuality Sat 8:00
183. Roundtable - Celebrating the work of Benita Roth, In Memoriam Sat 1:15
224. American Individualist Women Writers and the Question of Europe Sun 8:00
239. Gender and Health Sun 10:00

20. SSHA Sessions

59. What can the Federal Statistical Research Data Centers Do For You? Innovative Data Integration Strategies for Social Scientists Thu 3:15
93. Roundtable: Approaching Wellbeing in Past Societies Fri 10:00
97. Network Meeting - Childhood and Youth Fri 12:00
98. Network Meeting - Crime, Justice and the Law Fri 12:00
99. Network Meeting - Culture Fri 12:00
100. Network Meeting - Data Infrastructure Fri 12:00
101. Network Meeting - Economics Fri 12:00
102. Network Meeting - Education, Knowledge and Science Fri 12:00
103. Network Meeting - Family Demography Fri 12:00
104. Network Meeting - Health, Medicine and Body Fri 12:00
105. Network Meeting - Historical Geography and GIS Fri 12:00
106. Network Meeting - Labor Fri 12:00
107. Network Meeting - Macrohistorical Dynamics Fri 12:45
108. Network Meeting - Migration/Immigration Fri 12:45
109. Network Meeting - Politics Fri 12:45
110. Network Meeting - Race and Ethnicity Fri 12:45
111. Network Meeting - Religion Fri 12:45
112. Network Meeting - Rural, Agricultural and Environmental Fri 12:45
113. Network Meeting . States and Society Fri 12:45
114. Network Meeting - Urban Fri 12:45
115. Network Meeting - Women, Gender and Sexuality Fri 12:45
160. Publishing in Social Science History Sat 8:00
178. Roundtable: Rethinking French Capitalism Sat 10:00
226. SSHA Award Winners Sun 8:00