Friday, November 17 / 8:00 AM - 9:45 AM

Session 74
The Politics of Meaning

Chair: Moira O'Shea, University of Chicago
Discussant: Matthew Norton, University of Oregon

1. Splitting Time: Chernobyl as “Historical Event” and “Legacy”Olya Feldberg, University of Virginia.

2. Radical Recontextualizations: New Approaches to the Problem of Tainted MonumentsMoira O'Shea, University of Chicago; Emily Katzenstein, Oxford University.

3. Parting Ways: The Historical Meaning of "Charity" and "Philanthropy" in the Nineteenth CenturyShuhuan Ren, Peking University.

4. The Moral Pixel: Troubling Genealogies of Composite Person Classification, from 19th Century Eugenics to Computer VisionAnna Skarpelis, Social Science Berlin Center.

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