Friday, November 17 / 8:00 AM - 9:45 AM Yosemite (2nd Floor)

Session 66
Surveillance States and the Rise of Barriers to the Freedom to Move: The Case of Italy and the US

Chair: Lauren Braun-Strumfels, Cedar Crest College
Discussant: Lauren Braun-Strumfels, Cedar Crest College
Discussant: Alice Ciulla, University of Roma Tre
Discussant: Daniele Fiorentino, University of Roma Tre
Discussant: Eleanor Paynter, Brown University
Discussant: Linda Reeder, University of Missouri

1. The Panelists on This Roundtable Will Explore the Understudied Links between the History of Migration Regulation and State Surveillance.Lauren Braun-Strumfels, Cedar Crest College.

2. This Roundtable Seeks to Open New Ways of Thinking about How Restrictive Legislation Transformed Mobile Bodies into Social Threats, Requiring Ever More Comprehensive Systems of Surveillance That Mark Law-Abiding Bodies from the Transgressive Ones.Eleanor Paynter, Brown University.

3. How Italy and the United States Cooperated to Manage Mass Migration Beginning in the Late Nineteenth Century Presents a Compelling Case for the Necessity of Understanding the Evolution of Migration Policy in a Transnational Frame.Daniele Fiorentino, University of Roma Tre.

4. Panelists Who Are Experts in Immigration, Diplomatic, and Political History Will Engage with Panelists Who Examine Migration through the Lenses of Gender and Interdisciplinary Studies.Alice Ciulla, University of Roma Tre.

5. The Regulatory History of Italy and the Us Offers New Ways of Thinking about the Gendered and Racial Dimensions of Migration, and the Role Transnational Legal Migration Restrictions Played in the Expansion of Transnational Surveillance Technologies.Linda Reeder, University of Missouri.

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