Thursday, November 16 / 1:15 PM - 3:00 PM Yellowstone (2nd Floor)

Session 38
Enforcing Boundaries of Belonging in the (Post)Colonial State

Chair: Kerice Doten-Snitker, Santa Fe Institute
Discussant: Kumar Ramanathan, University of Chicago

1. The American Civil Rights State: The Role of Federal Power in the Pursuit of Racial JusticeRobert Lieberman, Johns Hopkins University; Desmond King, University of Oxford.

2. From Settler Colonialism to Overseas Empire: Citizenship and Resistance in Hawai’iMaye Henning, Johns Hopkins University.

3. Citizenship in Colonial South Africa, 1953-1909Beaurel Visser, University of Fort Hare.

4. Between Law and Enforcement: Criminal Laws, Colonial Subjectivity, and the Postcolonial StateNandini Dey, University of Michigan.

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