Sunday, November 19 / 10:00 AM - 11:45 AM Concord (Ballroom Level)

Session 241
Boarding School Childhoods across Regimes of Repression: The United States, Canada, Spain, and Turkey

Chair: Mary Jo Maynes, University of Minnesota

1. "Understanding Canada's Indian Residential School System in a Transimperial Frame"Sean Carleton, University of Manitoba.

2. "The Men of the New Spain: Contested Narratives of Francoist Boarding Schools in Spain"Tibisay Navarro-Mana, University of Minnesota.

3. “The Girls of Dersim’ and Elazig Girls’ Institute Boarding School at the Intersection of the Turkish Nation-State Building Project and Settler Colonization of Kurds and Alevis”Sedagül Yavuz, Lund University.

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