Sunday, November 19 / 8:00 AM - 9:45 AM

Session 219
Localized Governance: Eviction, Housing, and Advocacy

Chair: Daniel Pasciuti, Georgia State University

1. Capitalizing on Crisis, but How? The Foreclosure Crisis and Rising Corporate Investment in HousingMaxwell Fineman, Princeton University.

2. Governance: Eviction, Housing, and Advocacy in Localized SystemsDaniel Pasciuti, Georgia State University; Joy Dillard-Appel, Georgia State University.

3. A Coalition’s Attempt at Eviction Prevention to Protect Citizen Health during the PandemicTabitha Ingle, Georgia State University; Daniel Pasciuti, Georgia State University.

4. The Many Layers of Housing Inequalities: Competing Interests and Housing Shortage in Fort Worth, Texas 1930-1950Zsófia Hutvágner, Texas Christian University.

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