Sunday, November 19 / 8:00 AM - 9:45 AM

Session 212
Prices, Unemployment, and Business Cycles

Chair: Jeremy Land, University of Gothenburg
Discussant: Jeremy Land, University of Gothenburg

1. Economic Theories of Commodity Price VolatilityJulia Byeon, Princeton University.

2. Monthly Unemployment Estimates for U.S. States, 1930-1975Gabriel Mathy, American University; Zander Memon, American University.

3. Evolving Sources of Fluctuations in the 19th Century American EconomyGabriel Mathy, American University; Pao-Lin Tien, George Washington University; William Craighead, US Air Force Academy.

4. Attention to InflationZhihao Xu, Tsinghua University; Chang Liu, National University of Singapore.

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