Saturday, November 18 / 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM Bunker Hill (Ballroom Level)

Session 211
Work, Technology, and Wellbeing

Chair: Benjamin Schneider, Oslo Metropolitan University

1. Paying for Better Jobs?: Measuring US Working Conditions and Tradeoffs in the 1920sVincent Delabastita, Radboud University; Meredith Paker, Grinnell College; Benjamin Schneider, Oslo Metropolitan University.

2. Technological Change and the Division of Labor: Opportunity and Inequality in the Industrial RevolutionBenjamin Schneider, Oslo Metropolitan University.

3. Labor Augmenting or Job-Replacing? Railroad Firemen and the Automatic StokerBenjamin Schneider, Oslo Metropolitan University.

4. Building and Craft Autonomy in London 1670-1870Judy Stephenson, University College London.

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