Saturday, November 18 / 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM Concord (Ballroom Level)

Session 210
Work in agrarian times and societies

Chair: Fazila Derya Agis, University of the People

1. Making Socialist Agrarian Regime: Quantifying Rural Labor with Environment in China, 1949-1979Ziwei Zhang, Harvard Universtiy.

2. Farmers and Farm Workers: Work Organization and Social Relations on Six Farms in Central Sweden 1850-1910.Patrick Svensson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

3. When Capital Comes with a Familiar Face: Embedded Agricultural Capital and Failed Peasant Rent ProtestTiantian Liu, Johns Hopkins University.

4. Explaining Increases in Crop Yields Using Probate Inventories and Auctions in North-Eastern France, 1700-1839.Jeremy Hayhoe, Université de Moncton.

5. Rainfall Variability and Agricultural Output in the Dutch Cape ColonyErik Green, Lund University; Stefan Grab, University of Witwatersrand; Igor Martins, Lund University.

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