Saturday, November 18 / 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM Regency D (Ballroom Level)

Session 197
The Consequences of Racial Differences

Chair: Leigh Gardner, London School of Economics
Discussant: Leigh Gardner, London School of Economics

1. Slavery, Race, and Finance in the British Cape Colony, C.1800-1834Kara Dimitruk, Stellenbosch University; Kate Ekama, Stellenbosch University; Christie Swanepoel, University of the Western Cape.

2. Racial Differences in Childhood Mortality during the Late 19th and Early 20th CenturiesDavid Hacker, Deoartment of History - Binghamton Univeristy; Jonas Helgertz, University of Minnesota/Lund University; Richard L. Steckel, The Ohio State University; Nicolas Ziebarth, Auburn University.

3. Did America’s Enslaved Population Produce One-Half of Antebellum Us National Product?Paul Rhode, Economics--University of Michigan.

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