Saturday, November 18 / 10:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Session 172
Making Reputations: Credentials, Metrics and Stratification in Organizational Fields

Chair: Zeke Baker, Sonoma State University

1. What Makes An Economic Job Market Star: Tours and RumorsKatrina Q. Wang, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Qianxun Feng, University of Chicago.

2. Government by Rankings: A Theoretical Account on Rankings and NeoliberalismAndré Martins, University of São Paulo.

3. "Men's Circle": Education-Mediated Capital Conversion and Its Inconvertibility in Elite International Student MobilityHong Jin Jo, University of Chicago.

4. Towards a Comparative-Historical Sociology of Academic QuantificationMikhail Sokolov, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

5. Women as Path-Breaking Scientists: An Academic Community in the MakingPatricia Farrell Donahue, George Mason University; Connie L McNeely, George Mason University; Brian L Donahue, George Mason University.

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