Saturday, November 18 / 10:00 AM - 11:45 AM Grand Teton (2nd Floor)

Session 167
Advancing Theory and Method: Symbolic Boundaries, Cultural Fields, and the Meaning of Technology in Macrohistorical Research

Chair: Besnik Pula, Virginia Tech

1. From the Phenomenal Field to the Social Field (and Back Again): the Problem of Multiple Agency in the World of WorkBesnik Pula, Virginia Tech.

2. Race’s Many Metamorphoses: Racial Vision from Skin Tone Studies to Artificial IntelligenceAnna Skarpelis, New York University.

3. Boundaries, Boundary Work, and Organizational Resilience: Repair and Institutional Persistence in Challenging TimesDiane Vaughan, Columbia University.

4. Why Didn’t Muslims Print?Robert D. Woodberry, Baylor University.

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