Saturday, November 18 / 8:00 AM - 9:45 AM Everglades (2nd Floor)

Session 152
Revolutionary Outcomes and Intellectual Commitments

Chair: Mathis Ebbinghaus, University of Leipzig

1. Theorizing the Statist Threat to Intellectuals’ Autonomy: How the State Features in Clerics' Arab Spring PoliticsMuhammad Amasha, Yale University.

2. Promises Betrayed? Ideological Commitments and Revolutionary OutcomesMatthew Toro, University of Washington; Steven Pfaff, University of Washington, Seattle.

3. The Farc-Ep’s Revolutionary Genocide: Explaining the Farc-Ep’s Revolutionary Failure through Political Assassinations of Patriotic Union (up) Party MembersJenaro Abraham, Gonzaga University; Stacy Bondanella Taninchev, Gonzaga University; Kelsey Carlston, Gonzaga University.

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