Saturday, November 18 / 8:00 AM - 9:45 AM Glacier (2nd Floor)

Session 149
Micro Evidence for Macrohistorical Dynamics: Elite Interactions and State-Society Relations in Chinese History

Chair: Yingyao Wang, University of Virginia

1. Revolution as the Easy Way Out: Discursive Competition and Elite Behavior before the Xinhai RevolutionSiying Fu, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

2. Inferring the Chinese State's Personnel Strategy from Vacancy Chains, 1978 - 2012Shilin Jia, University of Chicago.

3. Between Politics and Expert: Institutional Transposition and the Admission of Economic Bureaucrats into Party Elite in Reform ChinaYingyao Wang, University of Virginia.

4. To Follow the Way and Not One’s Lord': Intellectual and State in Axial-Age ChinaYuan Xi, University of Virginia.

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