Friday, November 17 / 3:45 PM - 5:30 PM

Session 137
State Power and Environmental Administration

Chair: Fazila Derya Agis, University of the People

1. Uneven and Combined Development Over the longue durée: The Evolution of Forest Administration in Northern SpainJavier Ezcurdia, Binghamton University.

2. Field Level Leadership in Public Water Agencies: 20 years of grassroots governance change to promote wellbeing among urban and rural poor citizensErin McDonnell, University of Notre Dame; Sanjay Pahuja, World Bank.

3. ‘There Is a Large Field before You’: the Seven Years’ War, the War- Making as Environment- Making State, and the Opening of the Great Frontier, 1756- 1763John Peter Antonacci, SUNY Binghamton- Sociology.

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