Friday, November 17 / 1:45 PM - 3:30 PM Thornton Salon B (11th Flooor)

Session 127
Narrative and Counter-Narratives of White Supremacist Violence in the Postbellum South

Chair: Charles Seguin, Pennsylvania State University

1. Mob Violence and the Solid South: Social Institutions and the Project of White Patrician PatriarchyAmy K. Bailey, University of Illinois at Chicago; Erielle Jones, University of Illinois at Chicago; Madalyn Grohovena, University of Illinois Chicago; Alberto Corral, University of Illinois Chicago.

2. Let Us Not Kiss the Hand That Smites Us: Black Methodists on Lynching, 1890-1902Malcolm Foley, Baylor University.

3. Unsettling Women: The Executions of Women in the United States, 1877-1941Daniel LaChance, Emory.

4. The Strange Career of Judge Lynch: How Newspapers Covered Lynching in the United States 1880-1950Charles Seguin, Pennsylvania State University; Marjan Davoodi, The Pennsylvania State University.

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