Wellbeing Strategies for Children Who Do Not like Their Names: The Reception of Elif Shafak’s “Sakiz Sardunya” in Turkey and Italy

Fazila Derya Agis, University of the People

In this study, I will analyze Elif Shafak’s book titled “Sakiz Sardunya” (2014) and compare it to its Italian translation “La bambina che non amava il suo nome” by Fulvio Bertuccelli (2018). I will use the ecolinguistic theory of Arran Stibbe (2021) to decipher the plant and animal metaphors in both works and discuss their differences and similarities in the Turkish and Italian cultures, suggesting a literary therapy method for children who do not enjoy their names and get bullied. This method recommends (a) dictionary research, (b) archival research, and (c) environmental awareness for being a healthy individual. Besides, newspaper articles on the reception of Elif Shafak’s work both in Italy and Turkey will be discussed, considering children’s well-being and self-confidence.

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 Presented in Session 220. Children as Readers and Consumers