Fostering a Next-Generation of Scholars in Historical Geography and GIS

Don Lafreniere, Michigan Technological University
Dan Trepal, Michigan Technological University
Sarah Fayen Scarlett, Michigan Technological University
James Juip, Michigan Tech University

In this paper we outline efforts to create an institute to support fostering a next-generation of scholars for the Historical Geography and GIS network at the SSHA. Our proposed 16-month hybrid virtual and in-person institute aims to bring together a wide range of scholars and professionals with interests in historical GIS, deep mapping, and the historically-minded spatial sciences. The Institute will provide advanced training to researchers interested in advanced digital geospatial and AR/VR approaches to publicly-engaged storytelling about the past. The project will culminate in the release of publicly web-accessible digital deep-map prototypes created by institute Fellows that further their active research programs, showcasing the ways deep maps enhance our ability to explore community history and heritage.

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 Presented in Session 52. Preserving History: Community Building, Deep Mapping, and Scholarly Engagement