Where Do We Go from Here? Toward a Responsive Curricular Approach to Historical Context

Ann Winfield, Roger Williams University
Alan Canestrari, Roger Williams University
Bruce Marlowe, University of South Carolina Beaufort
Emma Hansen, Roger Williams University

The Project develops a foundation for long-term examinations of various aspects of social studies curriculum in the nation’s k-12 schools. Responding to the extreme political and cultural polarization in the US and across the globe, this project seeks to reveal the role of curriculum in shaping how members of societies regard each other, group differences, the state, and historical narratives altogether. We will begin with the evolution of the field of social studies as it has been shaped by political and social context, examine educational and methodological theory, and propose adjustments that meet the demands of our time by preparing students to engage with the social fabric of which they are a part.

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 Presented in Session 189. Learning Well: Pedagogy, Curriculum, and Contestation