Mental Well Being , Homelessness and Covid-19 ; International Students in Europe

Alfred ITUEN ITA, university of Autonomous university, Spain
Umoh Uwem Samuel, University of Hradec Kralove, Czech

International students experience hidden homelessness which was also aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic which spill over on their mental health. The paper examine the incidence of homelessness, among international students, factors and experiences that contribute to the trend as well as the resilience of homeless international students in Europe drawing from case study of Czech and Spain. The paper also examines higher education policies, support and barriers to assist international students experiencing homelessness A phenomenological qualitative research based on interview was conducted with fifty (50) participants [ international students, accommodation officers, studet Union, University counsellors. Findings suggest that homelessness affects students well being and full participation in university. The loss of student jobs and earning amplify the challenges of students during COVID-19 and severe for students without funding

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 Presented in Session 44. Mental Health and Aging